"Good morning! I just wanted to tell you that I wore the ColdPruf thermals yesterday. They fit perfectly. Also, they are quite luxurious… feel like silk… much nicer than the ones I have. They are awesome. "

Linda M. King

Boonville, NC

"I ski patrol every weekend, which totaled 100+ hours of skiing this winter, and wear ColdPruf doing it. I'm a firm believer in ColdPruf. "

Matthew A. Parrott

Rockford , MI

"While in Michigan last fall there was an unexpected, very cold spell, so I donned my ColdPruf pants and top. Somewhat to my surprise, I was warm all day in a cottage without insulation. I washed and dried both pieces, and the next morning put them back on — no shrinking or loss of warmth. These two durable clothes kept me cozy for a week of weather that was unexpected and surprisingly cold. I loved the comfort of wearing them. "


"Thank you for making (most) of your product in America. This holiday season I tried to purchase all USA-made products, it was not an easy task & not 100% successful. However, it helped with my decision to purchase your product (which I may have overlooked before) and happy that I did! Happy Holidays and keep going America Strong! "


"I was out at the barn for 3 hours tonight and stayed toasty warm — love them!"

Maureen Hall

Winston-Salem, NC