Is ColdPruf really an American Company?

Yes. From research to design, knitting, finishing, cutting and shipping, every aspect of ColdPruf’s manufacturing happens in North Carolina with sewing and packaging in our plants in Mexico.

What is the ColdPruf “No Questions Asked Guarantee”?

At ColdPruf we design and manufacture our products to the highest standards, in order to give our customers the confidence that their ColdPruf garment will perform no matter what they throw at it. We GUARANTEE to consistently maintain the standards of quality and comfort that have been our tradition for over 100 years. If at any time and for any reason YOU feel that your ColdPruf garment has not lived up to your expectations send it back to us and we’ll replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

How can you offer such a great product at such a great value?

As a “vertical” organization, we own or control every step of our supply chain. We don’t depend on (or have to pay) others for raw materials, supplies or distribution. This allows us not only to keep quality high and costs low but also minimize turnaround time and maximize order fulfillment.

How does the ThermaChoice® System work?

ThermaChoice is a simple color-coding system that combines weather and activities to help you select the product best suited for your needs.

What’s the best way to wear ColdPruf?

ColdPruf must be worn next to the skin to create the insulating effect for optimal warmth. It’s called “base layer” because it’s the “base” onto which additional layers can be added.

What makes you a “thermal specialist”?

We’ve learned a lot about knitting apparel since we started making it in 1914. Today, base layer is the one and only product we make, and we’ll continue innovating and evolving it for the next 100 years.

Can I wear ColdPruf in the summer?

Absolutely. Especially in offices where A/C is running and anytime you’re enjoying a super-sized ice cream or cool ocean breeze!

What is ColdPruf’s relationship to Indera Mills?

ColdPruf was created by Indera Mills to serve the outdoor performance activity market. We share manufacturing facilities, a common 100-year heritage of innovation and are both owned by the same family (now in its 4th generation). Both companies, however, have independent research, design, sales and support teams.