Green Green initiatives

“It began with an attitude and a concern. It continues today and tomorrow…”

While nothing excites us more than a fresh blanket of white snow, our favorite color is actually green. You can tell by the way we run our business. Today we’re more committed to the environment than ever before. Our production methods are green and our approach to every new endeavor is focused on preserving the health of our planet.


We began by evaluating how we manufacture our base layer products. If there was an opportunity to be more efficient and less wasteful, we made a change. Energy efficient light fixtures in all our warehouses? Check. Reducing natural gas consumption to combat global warming? We did that, too. We even adjust the temperature in our offices after hours to conserve energy.


Next, we examined the materials we use in the production of our products and how we manage waste. From the yarn leftover after manufacturing to the pallets we receive from suppliers, everything that can be recycled is recycled.

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